Knitting Vintage With A Futurist Aesthetic




It’s hard to find good quality fingering weight yarns in a wide variety of solids, so I’ve been meaning to give KnitPicks’ “Palette” a try for all the vintage patterns I want to try out. I finally saw my chance with their holiday sale, and will be posting my loot along with the patterns I’ll use it on over the coming weeks. To start out, I’ve been lusting after this twinset for some time now. I was very tempted to make it in one of Palette’s more vibrant purples like “Aster” or “French Lavender” to match the color in the photo, but I’m a little scared it’ll look ridiculous on me, so I’m going with “Eggplant”:



I may love vintage patterns, but my interest in them often comes from a futurist aesthetic. The 40s saw a lot of edgy designs that would look at home on the set of a modern day sci-fi movie set, and it’s too bad women’s fashion largely lost that sensibility in the 50s. So I keep an eye out for the patterns that set themselves apart from the rest, the ones that have that little extra design detail that makes the artist’s hand recognizable. This Bairns Wear Ladies Twinset would be ordinary save for the very relevant-to-fashion-now chevron detailing on the yoke and either sides of the button bands. (I’m going to out myself as a former goth girl here, but they remind me a little of VnV Nation’s logo) Hopefully after I’ve sized it down (I am decidedly smaller than a 38″ bust) and paired it with the right ensemble, this luscious deep purple will have the desired effect.

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