Using luxury yarn as motivation


Illustration by Celine Loup (hey, that’s me!)

I have a shitload of work to get done, but it’s hard to stay focused when the work just isn’t coming together like I’d hoped. So I’ve had to set up a reward system to keep my motivated. At first I was using a bar of rosemary salted white chocolate you can tear this open and devour it whole if you complete this project—-but that wasn’t working, I needed something I lusted after on a deeper level. That thing is always going to be yarn—-I had to completely stop buying it after my stash began to resemble a dragon’s hoard and I’d had enough of Erik’s disappointed glances (hahahaha just kidding—knit picks is having a sale). But if it gets me over a creative hump, I don’t mind using it as a motivational tool.

Ondawa by Michele Wang

Enter Ondawa, a sweater I’ve been obsessing over for months now. If I can finish this book proposal, I’ll gift myself the gorgeous Brooklyn Tweed yarn used to make it. So far this wooly reward is having the desired effect. Should I knit it in Snowbound as shown, or maybe another neutral?






Do you use a motivational system to get through difficult creative projects?


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