Looking forward to fall

I know, it’s been months. Blogging used to come really easy to me, back when it was just an LJ and no one besides my friends read it. Keeping up a fashion/crafting blog is so much harder! What topics should I write about? What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Who honestly cares what I think about anything? Is what I have to say relevant anymore?

Since my last post I have:

  • Finished the Knit for Victory sweater I was knitting (it is slowly drying on the blocking rack)
  • Sewn a muslin for the Advance 5911 top in the last post; I can’t really tell if it fits me around the shoulders/upper bust area
  • Found my Spoonflower swatch book, so I can start thinking about designing custom fabric again.
  • Resumed knitting my Rocky Pond silk/rayon summer top after finally untangling a massive snarl in the very snaggy yarn (feels like a silk stocking and snags just as bad)

That doesn’t seem like a whole lot :/ Part of it is due to the fact that I’ve been working late and then I only have the energy to knit in front of the TV, and I’ve been busy with various obligations on the weekends. Illustration is a really demanding life! But I *think* about fashion pretty much every moment of the day. So I’m going to commit to doing at least one post a week to start, even if I have nothing to show when it comes to my own projects. There’s still plenty to talk about!

Fall : sweater piles, scarves, and hot drinks

Today I want to talk about how this is the first year of my life I’ve truly looked forward to Fall returning. Everyone can admit things tend to slow down in the knitting world over the summer; my local yarn store feels the lack of traffic and the ravelry forums go quiet. Since I’ve started knitting I’ve begun to enjoy the thought of cold weather again; it doesn’t seem like an unbearable stretch of the year to suffer through anymore. Nothing can compare to the warmth of wool garments! Baltimore usually has a long summer; things don’t really cool down until late October. But until the weather changes, at least I can enjoy the fall releases of my favorite designers!

If you knit, you probably know about Rowan. They produce luxury yarns and put out collections each season. They’re known for the quality of their product and the beauty of their pattern books. My favorite designer at Rowan is Marie Wallin. She consistently puts out designs that speak to me, and it doesn’t hurt that they are photographed so exquisitely.

Her latest lookbook is called “Lakeland: Collection Two”, and she doesn’t disappoint. I love any photoshoot that allows me to fantasize about being an Irish shepherdess! The yarn used looks incredible, I wish I could touch each piece. I’m not crazy about the crochet details, but fortunately they are very optional. My queue is full enough that I won’t be buying yarn for a very long time, but lookbooks like these inspire me to work through the projects on my plate so I can get to these sooner!

BUTTERMERE_SHOT_07_033_medium2 BUTTERMERE_SHOT_07_063_medium2 BUTTERMERE_SHOT_07_090_medium2 DERWENT_SHOT_06_043_medium2 ENNERDALE_SHOT_04_001_medium2 SCAFELL_SHOT_02_102_medium2 WINDERMERE_SHOT_01_038_medium2 WINDERMERE_SHOT_01_099_medium2

What projects and designers make you excited for the coming Fall?

4 thoughts on “Looking forward to fall

  1. I am totally having an Amy Christoffers moment. I’ve finished two of her sweater patterns in a row and I’m making a third right now. They’re lovely, simple and clean designs and the results are always reliably good, especially if you take the time to swatch (which I don’t always do…).

  2. That photoshoot is totally gorgeous. I’m not a knitting person, but I would consider it up to make one of those sweaters!

    I also struggle with finding things to blog about, but I guess it doesnt bother me as much that I’m not posting. I think a good question to ask yourself is: who are you blogging for, and why? If its not something ydirectly related to your happinesshappiness, is forcing yourself to blog when you’re exhausted from your day job really going to be worth it? On the other , if its rewarding or therapeutic, then yes, blogging regularly is a very good choice.

    As for fall projects, I love making jackets and coats, so fall is a great season for me. 🙂 I look forward to the new fall patterns more than those of any other season!

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